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Labor told to stop playing politics with North Coast flooding

Ben Franklin, Parliamentary Secretary for Northern New South Wales, today responded to suggestions that the government tried to stop Labor “from making a speech in support of North Coast flood affected communities.”

This afternoon, Shadow Minister for the North Coast Walt Secord suggested that the Government stopped him from speaking on the North Coast floods.

“This is utter rubbish,” Mr Franklin said.

“The reason why Mr Secord was denied leave to speak at that stage of the day was because he would have been the only one able to speak on it. It would have been inappropriate and unprecedented. The government believes that this issue is so significant, all members should have the right to speak on it – not just one.”

“That is why the Government is planning to have a full debate on the disastrous events of the past few days, when every parliamentarian will be able to speak – Liberal, Labor, National, Green, Christian Democrats and any other member who wishes to do so,” he said.

“It is disgusting that Mr Secord is playing politics with this issue,” Mr Franklin said.

“This issue is too important for that. Every Member of Parliament should have the opportunity to contribute to such an important matter and it is a shame that the Labor spokesman is trying to deny them that,” he said.

“Finally, if Mr Secord wanted to contribute with a speech today, he could have done it in the Adjournment Debate at the end of the day’s sitting. This is an appropriate forum and is exactly what I have just done as Parliamentary Secretary for Northern NSW,” Mr Franklin said.

“It’s not all about you Walt. It’s about the North Coast,” he said.

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