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Labor neglects Country NSW - yet again

Minister for Roads and Freight Duncan Gay has slammed Labor’s infrastructure plan, which would leave the people and industries of regional NSW abandoned – yet again.

“If re-elected, NSW Labor plans to use $4.9 billion from Restart NSW to fund infrastructure in Sydney rather than deliver for country communities,” Minister Gay said.

“Labor today reminded the bush they have no problem taking money slated for vital infrastructure projects and redirecting it to fight their own political turf war with the Greens.

“The people of country NSW should be up in arms at the selfishness of the NSW Labor Party which is willing to sacrifice the bush for votes in the inner west suburbs of Sydney.

“The NSW Liberals & Nationals Government has reserved historic levels of Restart NSW funding to help build and upgrade road and freight infrastructure in regional NSW, including:

  • $403m towards fast tracking upgrades to the Pacific Highway
  • $170m towards the Foxground and Berry bypass on the Princes Highway
  • $135m towards the $210 million Bridges for the Bush program
  • $42.85m towards the overall $89 million Fixing Country Roads program
  • $12.5m towards construction of the Queanbeyan Bypass

“If NSW Labor ‘reallocates’ Restart NSW funds to Sydney, then country NSW is under serious threat.

“How can Labor tell the communities along the Pacific Highway they will be denied a fully duplicated highway by the end of the decade?

“How can Labor tell Queanbeyan businesses and communities that a bypass of the town centre is not a priority?

“How can Labor tell dozens of regional councils that their 77 infrastructure projects are now on hold?

“For 16 years, country NSW suffered under Labor – today they promised nothing but to return to the dark days of abandonment.”

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