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Labor disregards regional Australia

Federal Member for Calare, the Hon John Cobb said Labor is treating regional Australians as second class citizens to be sold off at their political whim, following reports it will introduce an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), establish new native vegetation laws and restrict land clearing if elected.

”This type of policy makes it clear Labor does not look out for those on the land and will continue to disregard the needs of regional Australia,” Mr Cobb said.


Labor intends to use Commonwealth legislation to initiate native vegetation laws and restrict land clearing if elected.


“This would have real consequences for producers who need to be able to make decisions about land clearing as their livelihoods depend on it,” Mr Cobb said.


“Not only would this drown farmers in more red tape but farm management is a State Government responsibility. It is totally unnecessary for the Federal Government to take over land clearing as the existing restrictions are already quite draconian.”


Mr Cobb said Labor’s intention to re-introduce an ETS is also an attack on hardworking Australians.


“Their plan to bring back an ETS and increase the target by 45% will hit families in the pocket with power prices set to rise,” he said.


The Climate Change Authority has released modelling showing the new target will increase power bills by 78%.

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