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An urgency motion at Conference this year sparked strong opposition to the foreign sale of the largest private land owner in Australia. Now, the Government has heard The Nationals call, blocking the sale of Kidman & Co. Limited after it was deemed not to be in our national interest.  

Covering approximately 1.6 per cent of Australia, Kidman holds property in Queensland, the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia. When the assets came up for sale in April this year, an urgency motion was put to the floor at our Annual General Conference affirming our opposition of the sale to a foreign government state-owned enterprise.

The Government echoed these sentiments by blocking the sale. After taking on advice from the Foreign Investment Review Board, Treasurer Scott Morrison stated that his decision was based on national interest and also noted particular national security issues with Anna Creek.

Anna Creek, the largest Kidman property and the largest single property holding in Australia, holds approximately 50 per cent of its pastoral lease in the Woomera Prohibited Area weapons testing range in South Australia.

Given the significance of the total portfolio along with national security concerns surrounding the testing range, it was determined the Kidman properties could not be sold in their current form.

This is yet another example of our Party members making a significant contribution to the ongoing political dialogue in Australia.

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