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Our towns all have rich histories that deserve protection but that history needs to remain accessible to local people, not locked behind a door. The Heritage Near Me program is providing grants that will reactivate and animate local heritage spaces and preserve their heritage significance so that we can continue to enjoy and build upon our history.

Heritage Near Me is about your community - protecting, sharing and celebrating NSW’s diverse natural and cultural heritage. It’s the key to recognising local heritage and preserving these assets for ourselves and for future generations.

There are three new grant streams with funding available now:

  1. Heritage Activation Grants: funding will be available for projects designed to increase public enjoyment of local heritage, such as physical works for public access, public programming, strategy development and business planning.

  2. Local Heritage Grants: will help communities determine priorities for their local heritage and provide resources to act on these priorities. Funding and technical expertise will be available to support collaborative solutions through community-based projects and activities.

  3. Heritage Green Energy Grants: owners of heritage buildings are eligible to complete an energy efficiency audit, or energy efficiency training, through the department’s Energy Saver Program. Identifying energy efficiency works helps sustain heritage buildings and their values. The Energy Saver Program is the channel to apply for funding to support energy efficiency works identified in your business case. 

There will also be an app that will no doubt surprise the local history buff as it reveals the local heritage in your area.

Apply for funding and learn more here.


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