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Jobs for the Future

NSW and regional NSW, in particular, are currently leading the nation in jobs growth. However the jobs of today may not be the jobs of tomorrow and without adapting, we run the risk of having none at all.

Rising to the challenge, the NSW Government has released the Jobs for the Future report as part of their Jobs for NSW initiative which outlines how the state can reach its one million jobs target by 2036 with over $30 million dedicated to growing regional businesses. 

New and innovative financial support programs will soon become available for small businesses as part of the long-term plan implemented by the NSW Government. The report notes our small, fastest growing companies are those most likely to have job growth and specific schemes will be put in place to support ambitious firms to ensure they maintain sustainable, rewarding jobs for the future.

Since regional NSW is the home of small business, the program will include the Regional Jobs Now portfolio which will see at least 30% of the total $190 million (approximately $57 million) devoted to businesses outside of the urban centres of Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong.

Regional start-ups and small to medium enterprises are now able to apply for grants or support services provided by Jobs for NSW. 

The Jobs for the Future report also includes details of other initiatives Jobs of NSW will aim to achieve including:

  • Helping fast-growing, small-to-medium size companies access the funds they need to grow jobs through a $50 million loan guarantee program and a $3.5 million direct loan pilot program;
  • Assisting start-up companies to flourish by setting aside $10 million to grow the State’s network of incubators and accelerators and $3 million in 2016-17 for direct grants to start-ups;
  • Growing regional companies with a dedicated $30 million program; and
  • Attracting large and international companies to base their headquarters in NSW through the use of a $30 million fund.

The Jobs for the Future report and further information can be viewed at

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