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Is the dam half-full or half-empty?

Are you a dam half-full or dam half-empty type of person?

When it comes to investing in dams, the NSW Nationals are definitely dam half-full people with the recently completed safety upgrade and augmentation of the Chaffey Dam arriving just in time.

The NSW Nationals have been focused on building and upgrading dams in NSW, supplying rural and regional communities with reliable water and Chaffey Dam is an example of this dedication.

The dam’s capacity was increased by 38 gigalitres, from 62 to 100 gigalitres and, as if in response to the expanding of the dam, the water has been pouring in. The water level currently sits at 68% of its new capacity, which is already 6 gigalitres fuller than the dam’s original maximum. With inflows currently sitting at around 300 megalitres per day with more rain predicted, much of the water would have had to have been released downstream before the augmentation.

Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson says it’s immensely rewarding to see the dam is safeguarding such a healthy body of water:

“Not only has this upgrade secured long term water supplies for Tamworth, but it enhances the productivity and prosperity of the region by supplying reliable water to growers.”

For more information on Chaffey Dam visit:

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