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The Nationals believe that Australian farmers, manufacturers, and small businesses deserve the same access to the marketplace that those in the big cities enjoy.  They believe consumers in every corner of our nation have the right to meet their family’s basic needs by accessing quality goods from across Australia and around the world at an affordable price.  For too long, we have lacked the infrastructure to meet these vital goals, but that is changing thanks to smart investments in inland railways.

The Nationals' investment in freight rail will not only help families and small businesses, it will also create jobs across rural Australia—up to 16,000 jobs during construction and 700 permanent jobs after that.  The effort will have other benefits as well.  As Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce recently put it, “By connecting south east Queensland by rail to Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, we not only reduce the freight distance between Melbourne and Brisbane by 200 kilometres and between Brisbane and Perth by 500 kilometres, we establish a corridor of commerce and bring wealth west.

In the long term, the project will deliver $22.5 billion in direct and indirect benefits to Australia.  In the immediate term, The Nationals have committed $594 million in funding for the project, which is in addition to its previous $300 million commitment.  The effort will take years to complete, but when it is finished, it will have transformed our transportation infrastructure, our rural regions, and our economy in a meaningful and measurable way.

Read the brochure to learn more about the benefits of the inland rail project.


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