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Do you live in an isolated area? Is your closest specialist more than 100km away? Do you have to travel more than 200km a week to be treated? If so, then you are eligible for assistance under the Isolated Patients Travel and Accommodations Assistance Scheme (IPTAAS). 

IPTAAS is now bigger and better than ever before, with unprecedented support for those who need medical treatment but live in rural and isolated regions of NSW. As of 1 September, IPTAAS has seen a boost, with higher reimbursement amounts for travel and accommodation, reduced co-payment amounts, new claim forms and information sheets and a new state-wide 1800 number.


Reimbursement amounts for travel and accommodation have been increased. A petrol subsidy of $0.22 per kilometre is available and, if you have to stay overnight, assistance towards accommodation has been increased to $43 for a single room and $60 for double room. Further, patients and escorts without a pension/health card will only be charged a $30 co-payment fee, with a cap of $120 per financial year.


New claims forms and a state-wide 1800 number have also been rolled-out, so if you have any further questions, you can now call 1800-IPTAAS (1800 478 227). You can also read more about what’s new in IPTAAS here

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