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The anticipation of Christmas begins around November and is building up to its crescendo in this final week. The kids have asked for enough presents that Santa's elves are starting to get worried and both sets of in-laws are insisting that it's their turn for you to visit this year but you're pretty sure you agreed to go to Fiji after last year.

Come Christmas Day, you’ve pulled it off with minutes to spare and everything is ready. Presents wrapped, prawns on ice next to the beer in the esky, kids in the back with Aunty Catherine and you’re off to meet the rest of the family for unwrapping and Christmas lunch.

The only thing that can go wrong now is to be caught speeding, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, without your seatbelt on or using your mobile phone while driving. This year’s double demerits start from December 24 this year and finish on January 3 2016, covering most of the holiday period.

This year police will be particularly targeting mobile phone use, with anyone caught using a mobile phone losing six points from their licence. L and P plate drivers are forbidden to use a phone, even on hands free.

Pulling over to use the phone might cost you a few minutes but it is better than potentially losing your licence or not making Christmas lunch at all.

So if you’re driving this holiday period, don’t be the one to spoil Christmas. Drive safely and sensibly to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy your company around the Christmas table.

For more information on double demerits and mobile phone usage this Christmas see the links below:

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