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Did you know that 25% of home energy use comes from electrical appliances? This means that electricity bills can be reduced if energy efficient products are used. Improvements to the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) are making it more affordable for households and businesses to purchase and install more energy efficient goods.

The ESS helps to reduce consumption in NSW by creating financial incentives for individuals or organisations to invest in energy saving projects. You can reduce those bills simply by installing, improving or replacing equipment. So leading into summer, when you’re fridge is at its most vulnerable, it might be worth upgrading to something more environmentally (and financially) friendly.


Under the ESS, appliance retailers are provided with incentives to sell energy efficient appliances with a maximum Energy Star Rating. Further energy savings can also made by the removal and appropriate destruction of refrigerators and freezers. This program will not only save households and businesses money, but will create jobs and opportunities for tradespeople and appliance retailers.


Let’s look at some examples of how you can benefit from these changes:


Upgrading your lights to energy efficient LEDs could cost about $310 for ten lights. An accredited electrician could access the ESS and install these lights for $90 less than the normal price - that’s $90 off the installation and up to an $85 reduction in running costs per year, just for a few lights.


If you’re looking to upgrade your fridge, buying from an accredited appliance retailer could save you $20 off the purchase price of a 3.5 star energy rated fridge. The savings equated over the lifetime of the fridge are estimated to be roughly $205, which doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but when you think about swapping out your lighting, fridge, hot water system and other electrical appliances under the ESS, the savings start to stack up.

Access the ESS here:

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