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There are many great things to love about living in Australia. The sunshine and the beautiful countryside, our world class beaches, are but drops in a pool of wondrous delights. But how well do you really know this glorious country of ours? For instance, who invented the Pavlova? Was it Australia or New Zealand?

The jury is still out on that one with both countries claiming rights over the fluffy white dessert. Did you pick that?

1. Which of these events is true?

a)    In 1932, Australian soldiers in W.A waged a war on emus…and lost

b)    In 1832, 300 female convicts mooned the Governor of Tasmania at a factory

c)    In 1979, the town of Esperance fined NASA $400 for littering. The fine was paid in 2009

2. What is Australia’s population density?

a)    6.42 persons per square kilometre

b)    3.06 persons per square kilometre

c)    4.34 persons per square kilometre

3. What is the national floral emblem of Australia?

a)    the golden wattle

b)    the eucalypt flower

c)    the waratah

4. What is the percentage of people living within 100 kilometres of the coast line?

a)    95%

b)    75%

c)    80%

5. Which year did women receive the right to vote in federal elections?

a)    1902

b)    1917

c)    1897

6. Francis de Groot is famous for what event?

a)    Cutting the ribbon for the Sydney Harbour Bridge with a sword on horseback in 1932

b)    Leading the coup against Governor William Bligh in 1808

c)    Being a ring leader in the Eureka Stockade

7. Which of these is an Australian invention?

a)    Pasteurized milk

b)    The modern sleeping bag

c)    The surf ski


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