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Gillespie welcomes $1 billion to end Hepatitis C

Federal Member for Lyne, Dr David Gillespie has welcomed news the Commonwealth will invest more-than $1 billion to give all Australians with Hepatitis C affordable access to breakthrough cures

Patients eagerly awaiting these improved treatments received a great bonus for Christmas with news today that groundbreaking New Drugs which are taken by mouth for 8 to 12 weeks, and which offer 90% cure rates, are now approved to go onto the PBS on March 1, 2016.


Doctors and patients alike have been eagerly awaiting these listings onto the PBS because up till now it cost patients up to $100,000 for the course of treatment, (unless the patient was part of early trials or compassionate use protocols) which ruled out most patients.


Now due to the PBS subsidy it's going to be $37.70 per script for general patients or $6.10 per concession script.


Patients with Hepatitis C liver disease, a silent but not uncommon chronic infection of the liver which over years causes ill health, fatigue, right through to cirrhosis, liver failure and cancers of the liver affects 1:100 people across Australia or  approximately 1000 people across the Lyne Electorate.


Coalition has now approved over 800 new drugs on the PBS since 2013, compared to only 331 in the last Labor government, which is a great achievement.


These new Hepatitis C treatments alone will cost $1billion over five years, but they are cost effective because they will cure thousands, prevent illness like cirrhosis, liver failure and liver cancer and prevent the need for many liver transplants.


This funding is on top of $ 650 million worth of other new drugs that have also been approved in recent MYEFO statements a week ago.


Australia is at the forefront as it’s the first country to give public subsidy on a wide population scale for these latest Hepatitis C curing drugs.


Names of the new drugs: Harvoni Sovaldi Daklinza and Ribavirin.

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