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Fixing mobile blackspots: Coalition 3000, Labor 0

The Coalition continues to get on with the job of delivering new mobile phone coverage to rural areas which would never have otherwise received it.

Minister for Regional Communications Fiona Nash said, "In sharp contrast to the Labor Party, which failed to invest a single cent into improving mobile coverage when in power, the Federal Coalition Government is investing $160 million into improving mobile phone coverage in rural and remote Australia," Minister Nash said.


"The Coalition Government's $100 million investment in Round 1 of our Mobile Black Spot Programme is delivering 499 new or upgraded mobile base stations providing coverage to around 3000 black spots. New handheld coverage will be delivered to 68,600 square kilometres. As a farmer living in central NSW myself, I know how welcome this new coverage is.


"Labor's record shows it improved coverage at exactly zero black spots. The Labor Party was too busy banning live export and decimating the incomes of farmers to address mobile phone coverage issues in rural Australia.


"The scorecard for fixing mobile black spots shows the Coalition on 3000 and Labor on zero.


"Round 2 of the Coalition Government's Mobile Black Spot Programme, supported by a $60 million investment from the Coalition Government, is currently underway and will provide mobile coverage to even more rural areas.


"Given Labor's seats are almost all in the cities, it's not surprising - but still disappointing - that Labor didn't spend a single cent when in power to improve mobile coverage for rural and regional Australians.


"I'm determined to deliver more mobile phone coverage to rural and regional Australia and I'll continue to work hard on this important issue."

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