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With the recent devastating news from WA that four people have died in bushfires, along with fires raging though SA, it is a grim reminder that we must be prepared for this summer. All reports indicate that this bushfire season is going to be dryer and hotter than ever, which stresses the need to prepare your home, and your property.

The loss of life and property is a tragic reminder that the fire season has started. In order to combat what is predicted to be one of the worst bushfire seasons Australia has had yet, the NSW Government has flown in extra support from USA. Two water bomber aircraft have been leased for the season ahead. One is a C-130 Hercules which can hold 15,000 litres of water or fire retardant, while the second, a DC-10, can hold a massive 42,000 litres. These planes will be stationed in Tweed and will be able to reach any fire in NSW within an hour.

However you can’t rely on these fire combative measures to keep you safe. The information you need to ensure the safety of yourself, your family and your property can be found at

Be prepared, be safe.

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