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Find fuel as cheap as chips

Filling up your car is a necessary evil. Even if you know which service station near you usually has the cheapest fuel, you can never be too sure which is the lowest in your area at any given time. Until now.

The NSW Government’s newly released website FuelCheck (, takes some of the guesswork out of finding economical fuel near you. By simply entering your location and the type of fuel you’re after the FuelCheck website will compare prices from all petrol stations close to you.

The website, launched last week, publishes fuel prices in real time, allowing motorists to make informed decisions about where they fill up. Making the price of petrol and diesel available in real time will help motorists by increasing competition and creating transparency in the fuel industry.

FuelCheck is available on any device that connects to the internet, be it smartphone; tablet or computer. The online platform is still in the testing phase and consumers are encouraged to provide feedback and accuracy of information and the sites’ functionality.  

If the price at the pump doesn’t match what is shown of FuelCheck, consumers can make a complaint directly to NSW Fair Trading.

Instructions for how to install FuelCheck is available here. Please remember to never use your phone while driving. 

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