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There are new regulations that apply to the sale and lease of properties with swimming pools. Under the new changes, homebuyers will have 90 days from when they settle to make sure their pool fences are compliant. These new regulations are aimed at ensuring backyard pools have effective physical barriers that protect children from drowning.

Minister for Local Government Paul Toole said that although adult supervision around swimming pools is crucial, compliant pool barriers help minimise the risk of children drowning or near drowning when adults aren’t about. He has also stated that legal and real estate sectors have been instructed to ensure understanding of the changes in communities is made clear. In addition to this, a public information campaign run in partnership with Royal Life Saving NSW has been established to educate the community about these new regulations.

Likewise, Royal Life Saving NSW is strongly recommending that people who are selling homes with swimming pools have a compliance inspection of their pool immediately, to ensure future pool owners are provided with a compliant pool. If this sounds like you, you can contact your local council or a private certifier for a full pool compliance inspection.

For more information, follow this link: www.olg.nsw.gov.au/public/my-home/swimming-pools.

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