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Extension of Motion Submissions for Conference

We’re lucky to belong to a Party that values all its members’ opinions enough to open the floor at our Annual General Conference. So far, we have over 140 motions that have been submitted from Branches and Electoral Councils across the state, but we want more, so we’re giving you an extension. 

Last Friday, the official deadline closed but as the Central Council Policy Committee’s is meeting on 7-8 April, the deadline for motion submissions has been extended to Friday 8 April.

This year the Agenda Committee took a recommendation from the Leader’s Taskforce and asked our Parliamentary team to provide a list of broad policy areas that they would like direction on from the Party membership:


-          The next round of capital funding for district level hospitals

-          The role of pharmacists in providing primary health care in regional areas

-          Local Government

-          Community grant funding

-          Social housing

-          Regional planning (the need to reduce approval time and simplify process)

-          Biodiversity review and the new Act (in particular the length of the process)

-          Private native forestry being removed from the definition of land clearing

-          Forestry haulage contracts and future harvest contracts

-          Pests (in particular wild dogs)


Conference is a unique opportunity to speak with passion and conviction about what matters to you most. It’s a time to influence the policy direction of the NSW Nationals so if you haven’t already, be sure to bring your ideas to your next Branch or Electoral Council meeting and submit them on or before Friday 8 April.

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