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Recreational fishing is one of the largest sports in NSW. Thousands of people across the state simply love rocking up to their favourite fishing spot, dropping a line and enjoying a day outdoors.

The NSW Minister for Primary Industries, Niall Blair has allocated $750,000 in order to improve the habitat for fish across the state and in turn, improve the fishing experience.

31 locations across the state have successfully been granted funding to improve habitats and encourage better fishing.

From Barwon to Ballina and down to Bathurst, grants ranging from $3000 dollars to $200,000 have been given to local fishing clubs, land services and councils in order to facilitate the creation or protection of fish habitat. Projects range from restoring riparian and floodplain vegetation, removing noxious and invasive weeds, installation of snags and stabilisation of river banks.

A big congratulations goes to the small local fishing clubs whose applications were successful and for their determination to improve the fish habitats in their local waterways.

The money for grants has been provided through the Recreational Fishing Trusts from money raised by recreational fishing fees paid by anglers. The money from the Trusts can only be used on projects and activities to promote and improve recreation fishing experiences across NSW.

The Habitat Action Grants are a great example of how angler’s money is reinvested back into the community to benefit them and support a healthy fish population across the state.

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