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Drive safe to arrive safe this Easter

“Drive safe”.

It’s something we’ve all said at one time or another.

We say it to family members when they jump in the car before a long holiday journey up the highway. We say it to friends when they’re heading home after a visit or a night out. 

And every time we say it we hope the message gets through, we hope whoever we’ve said it to, has listened and heard us.

But it seems a lot of drivers have stopped listening. 

Last year we lost 385 lives on our roads. And around 12,000 people were seriously injured.

Now try to imagine a scenario where NSW was hit by a deadly virus that took 385 lives every year and left thousands of people temporarily or permanently disabled.

Now imagine you had the power to prevent those deaths and physical damage.

Well, you do. Every time you get behind the wheel you are responsible for your own life and the life of every other person on our roads and it is about time we all started taking that seriously.

Driving is not a right, it is a privilege. And ‘Drive safe’ is not a meaningless, throw-away line, it is a pledge that we should all take each time we get into the driver’s seat.

So as we approach Easter, one of the busiest times of the year on our roads, I am asking you to take a pledge to ‘drive safe.’

Last Easter we lost two lives on our roads. Many of you might be thinking ‘that’s not too bad for Easter, is it?’ And statistically speaking you might be right.

But behind every single statistic is a grieving family. We need to start changing the way we think about road deaths and the road toll.

We all need to pledge to ‘drive safe’ - and mean it.

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