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Ice is tearing apart communities, straining the bonds of family, and dealing a devastating human toll. For too long, there has been too much talk and too little action to address this crisis. We need compassion for those who have become addicted to this drug and have nowhere else to turn. But too many politicians will leave it there.

These career politicians have succumbed to political correctness refuse to take the tough, but necessary stand we need to address this crisis once and for all. The bottom line: so long as drug dealers and criminals are allowed to remain on the streets, this drug will continue to infiltrate our schools, our workplaces, and our communities at large.

But The Nationals have a different plan. We believe in a comprehensive approach that holds criminals accountable and helps eliminate the scourge of ice.

Our Ice Action Plan includes:

  1. Increased investment in treatment and workforce support services
  2. Targeted prevention and education initiatives for those most at risk
  3. Empower local communities and provide more support for families
  4. Strengthen law enforcement
  5. Further research into the drug

Together we can end the scourge of ice in our communities.

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