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Few people are harder working or more dedicated (to what they do) than Australian dairy farmers. They are often up before dawn and working far past sundown to ensure they can provide our families with healthy, quality and nutritious milk at an affordable price. 

Dairy farming is good for our economy, an important part of each Australian’s daily life and vital to our nation’s food security. Since the dairy industry is so important to Australians, it is crucial we do our part to keep family farms alive and dairy products available and affordable to us all.

With the income available to family dairy farmers reaching the lowest levels in recent memory, The Nationals have taken steps to provide necessary relief. Led by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Barnaby Joyce, we will deliver immediate assistance to dairy farmers in hardship to help them manage these difficult times and return to profitability.

The support package will provide loans to help our dairy farmers via directly helping them become efficient and effective producers, task government support staff at both the national and regional levels with ensuring aid is rapidly reaching the areas where it is needed most ­– and at the lowest cost possible.

As the dairy industry recovers, the Government will remain in constant and direct dialogue with farmers and others involved in dairy production industry to ensure Australia’s milk remains the best in the world.

The key elements of the support package are:

  • $555 million in Dairy Recovery Concessional Loans
  • $20 million to fast track the upgrade of the Macalister Irrigation District
  • $2 million to establish a commodity milk price index
  • $900,000 for Dairy Australia’s ‘Tactics for Tight Times’ programme
  • Fast tracking Farm Household Allowance applications with 18 more Department of Human Services employees processing claims
  • Appointment of a Department of Human Services Dairy Industry Liaison Officer
  • Redirection of two Department of Human Services Mobile Service Centres to dairy regions

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