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Fighting crime isn’t just the job of the police. As a local, you know where it's safe to walk at night, which streets are well lit, which shortcuts are too dark and which parks seem a bit too isolated. What if you could do something to make those spaces safer?

A lot of anti-social behaviour is ‘encouraged’ by the environment. Poorly lit streets, parks that are not well maintained, graffiti covered walls and vandalised public toilets, all lend themselves to making areas feel less safe and potentially attractive to criminals.

We often know where these hot spots are, so why not help the NSW Government understand which areas in your community would benefit from the Community Safety Fund grant?

This $10 million fund will go towards improving just these types of areas.

The Community Safety Fund will support projects that:

  • Address local crime hot spots;
  • Address anti-social behaviour in communities;
  • Promote safe and inclusive use of public spaces; and
  • Promote collaborative approaches to community safety and crime reduction, prevention and detection initiatives.

For further information on the NSW Government’s Community Safety Fund and to apply please visit:

Applications close January 22.

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