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NSW Deputy Premier Troy Grant said regional NSW would benefit from a re-elected Baird Government’s container deposit scheme, to help keep country towns and cities clean and increase recycling rates.

“Country communities pride themselves on their clean streets and tidy towns and we want to ensure they have access to innovative ways to reduce waste,” Mr Grant said.

“The NSW Liberals & Nationals Government will invest in a cost-effective container deposit scheme to help country towns cut down on their waste and recycle more.

“Reverse vending machines would reward consumers, or a charity of their choice, with a small financial incentive after depositing their drink containers.

“Drink containers make up one in every three pieces of litter and often find their way into our parks and waterways, including dams, lakes and rivers, while also polluting our pristine beaches and regional highways.

“We expect at least 800 reverse vending machines to be installed at parks and public spaces across NSW.

“Rural and regional areas will receive the benefits of this exciting initiative and will be well serviced by reverse vending machines.

“Community consultation will be the next step – over the next year we will invite communities to participate in the design of the scheme, so we can take into account the needs of local environments and provide the right incentive.”

Consultation with the community and industry will focus on:

  • the location of reverse vending machines;
  • the incentive for community participation;
  • the scope of containers to be redeemable under the scheme; and
  • the involvement of local government and the recycling industry in the scheme.

The preferred scheme would be implemented by the NSW Government by 1 July 2017, with the final design to be announced in 2016.

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