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Community feedback wanted on Southern NSW planning policy

Parliamentary Secretary for Southern NSW, Katrina Hodgkinson asked local residents to help simplify the planning system through a review of State Environmental Planning Policies.

The community is asked to participate in helping to simplify the planning system through a review of State Environmental Planning Policies, to bring them up-to-date and more in-line with community expectations while maintaining environmental standards.

There are currently 66 State Environmental Planning Policies that outline the NSW Government’s approach to dealing with specific planning issues. Some of these policies need to be updated or are now implemented by Council planning rules.

Ms Hodgkinson said the review seeks to reduce duplication of existing policies and simplify the planning system for Southern NSW.

“The Department is reviewing these policies to look at how they can be simplified or reduced to remove unnecessary duplication or red-tape for the community and business, while making the system easier to navigate,” Ms Hodgkinson said.

“In some cases, these policies can be easily transferred and are better managed at a local council level, while still preserving the intent of the policy.”

Ms Hodgkinson also said the review ensured any changes would maintain environmental requirements that currently apply and would not reduce the level of accountability afforded through the planning process.

Community feedback on the proposal is invited over the coming weeks at

The following policies are proposed to be repealed because their provisions have been either superseded or transferred to other relevant plans.

  • Transferring provisions of the Riverina Regional Environmental Plan No 1 - and Orana Regional Environmental Plan Siding Springs to the relevant council local environmental plans to continue protection of the Defence communication facility near Morundah and the Siding Springs Observatory near Coonabarabran. State level protections will also continue for activities and larger developments.
  • The Urban Consolidation State Environmental Planning Policy has been replaced by other policy and programs to facilitate urban renewal including the Urban Renewal SEPP, Priority Precincts Program and the regional planning processes.
  • The provisions in the Rural Landsharing Communities which allows collective ownership of a single parcel of land will be changed to an optional locally specific clause in each local environmental plan.

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