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Coalition's jobs package means more highly skilled and well paid jobs on the North Coast

A re-elected Turnbull-Joyce Government will invest $25 million into a NSW North Coast Jobs and Investment Package to create local jobs and growth, help build a highly skilled local workforce and diversify the regional economy.

Our plan will attract matching funding from participating businesses resulting in a total package of $50 million in the Northern Rivers and Mid-North Coast.

The Nationals candidate for Richmond Matthew Fraser said the package will bring forward local business investment and expansion, creating jobs on the Tweed Coast and Ballina regions, which includes regional centres Tweed Heads, Ballina, Byron Bay, Murwillumbah and Mullumbimby.

“Locals are tired of playing politics with jobs, they want to see a real plan, real investment and real results for the area,” Mr Fraser said.

"These grants will assist local businesses to grow and expand, as well as encourage new businesses to enter the region, creating new sustainable jobs.

"Grass-roots local knowledge is a vital part of the Coalition's jobs package for the Far North Coast.

"The package will see the region put forward its plan including key strengths and industries which can grow the local economy and employ people in the future.

"The funding will be directed to sustainable local priorities - building on strengths nominated by the local region itself - which will employ people in those regions for decades to come. Each region will be able to build on its own natural economic strengths with an eye to the future.

“As a Tweed small business owner and President of the Tweed Chamber of Commerce, I know how important it is that we drive jobs growth in our region.

“It won’t just magically happen though – it needs government to partner with business and industry to create those opportunities and that is exactly what this jobs and investment package does. 

“This package will not only create local jobs for local people, it will also create career opportunities for young people on the North Coast.”

Minister for Regional Development and Nationals Deputy Leader Fiona Nash said locals know their regions best, which is why applications for funding will be assessed against the region's own plan and against a job creation criteria.

Grants from the package will cover three streams:

•          Support for businesses to grow and bring forward expansion plans

•          Building local infrastructure

•          Investment in skills and training programmes to build a highly skilled local workforce

"The NSW North Coast Jobs and Investment Package will create community-driven government investment - a genuine partnership between the Coalition Government and local communities," Minister Nash said.

"The Coalition understands locals know their regions best, which is why grass-roots local knowledge is a vital part of the Coalition's NSW North Coast Jobs and Investment Package. We don't impose priorities for the region upon them from Canberra.

As Deputy Nationals Leader and Minister for Regional Development, I aim to help build the kinds of communities our children and grandchildren either want to stay in or come back to.

"We don't want the talents of our young people to leave for the city - they need good job prospects right here in Richmond.

"Only the Coalition has a locally-led plan for the Far North Coast to create local jobs and local growth."

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