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Coalition delivering NBN to Regional Australia

The Coalition's mix of technologies is delivering reliable, affordable, fast broadband to rural, regional and remote Australia, Minister for Regional Communications Fiona Nash said today.

'NBN Co's yearly results contain some fantastic news for rural, regional and remote Australians,' Minister Nash said.

'Every rural, regional and remote Australian wil have the chance to connect to the NBN by 2020. I'm particularly pleased the NBN Sky Muster satellite services allows for an additional 50GB per month per distance education student.'

'Some 420,000 regional and rural Australian homes are already able to connect to fixed wireless broadband. That's 62 per cent of the fixed wireless roll out completed already. The fixed wireless rollout is expected to be largely completed by 2018, covering some 600,000 regional homes and businesses. As a farmer from central NSW myself, I understand the difference fast, reliable internet will make to homes, businesses and rural communities.'

'The world-leading satellite Sky Muster was launched in April and NBN is installing equipment to enable connection to 10,000 homes and businesses a month. This satellite is connecting rural and remote Australians who would likely never have received access to fast broadband any other way. I'm particularly proud of this. In 18 months' timee, 240,000 homes and businesses are expected to connect to Sky Muster.'

'The people I speak to in the country understand 240,000 connections cannot be made instantly and I thank them for their patience and understanding. They also tell me they don't mind what method their internet is delivered by, so long as it's fast, reliable and affordable. We know parts of Australia currently don't have access to fast, reliable, affordable broadband and that's why we are spending more than $4.5 billion to address the issue.'

'I remind those connecting to the NBN through retail companies to make sure they specify the speed of the plan they want. The Sky Muster satellite supplies speeds of up to 25 megabits per second and fixed wireless broadband up to 50 megabits a second. For perspective, high definition Netflix requires only 5 megabits a second - these connections really are fast. Over 80 per cent of people are choosing the 25 megabit/second plans or lower.'

'NBN Co is paying for each fixed wireless and Sky Muster connection - $4900 for each fixed wireless connection and $7900 for each satellite connection. Sky Muster plans - effectively for remote Australians - begin at $35/month. For $50 a month a user receives 35 gigabytes of peak use and another 60 gigabytes of off peak - at around 50 cents a gigabyte.'

'By the end of the rollout, the network will cover more than three million premises in rural, regional and remote Australia. Almost 700,000 premiss have been covered via fixed line technologies.'

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