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Central Council has endorsed the 50:50 by 2025 voluntary gender target for NSW State and Federal Parliamentary teams. In order to achieve this target, the NSW Nationals will launch several programs to give women a stronger foundation in politics and a greater impetus to consider a role in Parliament. 

An ‘invite her to run’ campaign will operate in the lead up to the 2019 NSW Election. This takes a page from the Canadian Liberal Party, who launched a similar program running up to their 2015 general election. Research shows that a woman is less likely to consider herself a potential candidate for elected office and so in response there will be an effort to actively identify and encourage women that would be good candidates for Parliament.

The NSW Women’s Council and the NSW Young Nationals will also be working together to initiate a mentoring program, which will pair young women within the Party with mentors to expose them to life in the Party and in Parliament, develop contacts and provide training.

A Male Champions for Change program will also be developed, where senior male figures within the Parliamentary Teams and the Executive work with women and the Party as a whole to invite a stronger culture to support women who wish to stand for leadership positions.

The NSW Nationals have had some fantastic and successful women come through the ranks throughout the decades, and today we have some incredible female leaders at both the State and Federal levels. 50:50 by 2025 is a voluntary goal and these measures are not mandated. It’s about harnessing an environment where more women are likely to consider themselves as potential future leaders, as research suggests its not as natural a progression as it is for a man.   

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