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Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Early Childhood Education Leslie Williams today encouraged local communities to take part in Indigenous Literacy Day. 

Mrs Williams said Indigenous Literacy Day is an opportunity to pick up a book, visit a library or tell a story.


“Fostering curiosity and instilling a love of learning in young people is one of the most important things that we can do as parents, carers or educators,” Mrs Williams said.


“As a former teacher, I know the difference that a passion for reading can make to a child’s success at school and I have seen the critical role parents play in encouraging an interest in books.


“In NSW, we are working to encourage a life-long love of learning, starting in the early years before school. Our aim is for Aboriginal children to be in preschool from the age of three, so they have the best possible start to school. I’m pleased to say that our work is yielding positive results.”


A recent report by the NSW Department of Education showed an increase in the number of Aboriginal students attending preschool programs in NSW since the introduction of the NSW Government’s preschool funding model.


Enrolments of disadvantaged and Aboriginal three-year-olds have increased by 6 per cent in 12 months.


Overall, the number of Aboriginal children and children from low-income backgrounds attending preschool has increased by five per cent since the introduction of the new funding model.


For more information about Indigenous Literacy Day, please visit: https://www.indigenousliteracyfoundation.org.au/indigenous-literacy-day.html

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