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Cash for Cans is back

Older Nats may have fond memories of separating out the family’s aluminium cans before crushing them down and sending them off to the local recycling depot. Often those depots were run by local sporting and community groups with the money going towards the purchase of much-needed equipment. Cash for Cans is a well-loved Australian institution. And now, it’s officially back in action in NSW.

Judging by the image of Paul Toole above, who has clearly been hoarding a lot of cans and bottles for this very day, the Member for Bathurst and Minister for Local Government is thrilled by the legislation passing in Parliament. "Giving people a financial incentive to do the right thing will benefit everyone," Paul said. 

 “This is something that the community has been asking of their political representatives for decades and will help meet the Premier’s Priority target of reducing litter by 40 per cent by 2020. There is likely to be a direct environmental benefit to our parks, waterways and beaches when the [Container Deposit Scheme] comes in."

Community groups and keen recyclers will be able to swap their cans and bottles for cold, hard cash from 1 July 2017. Under the container deposit scheme:

  • People in NSW will be able to return empty, approved beverage containers between 150 ml and three litres to collection points for a 10-cent refund;
  • A single Scheme Coordinator will be responsible for the financial management of the scheme and for ensuring the scheme meets state-wide targets;
  • Beverage suppliers will be responsible for covering the costs of refunds through agreements with the Scheme Coordinator; and,
  • The Environment Minister will appoint the co-ordinator in early 2017, as well as appointing Network Operators who will be responsible for the operation of the scheme.

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