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Can you still enjoy prawns this Australia Day?

It seems that someone has been ‘coming the raw prawn’ on the Australian consumer with the suspected deliberate importation of raw (green) prawns carrying the destructive White Spot disease.

Though agriculture aside, does this mean we can still enjoy consuming our beloved prawn on Australia Day?    


In response to the biosecurity threat, all raw (green) prawn imports from White Spot disease-infected countries have been suspended.

With our tough regulations and best industry practices, it’s no accident that Australian exports are the envy of the world and command high prices, and it’s our biosecurity legislation that protects our industries and our ability to serve the world's best.

Our Leader and Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, welcomed the swift action from the Department of Agriculture in suspending imports saying “Australia’s $358 million prawn industry must be protected and not put at risk by the careless and selfish acts of a few.”

Even though the imported prawns are meant to be for human consumption, one possible pathway for the White Spot disease to get into Australian stock is through recreational fisherman using foreign prawns as fishing bait. This could mean the disease gets into our water systems and onto prawn farms, and why prawns imported for human consumption should never be used for bait.

It’s only by using Australian produce that you can ensure you and your family enjoy the safest and tastiest this Australia Day.

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