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We are looking for members or friends of the Party that can house a campaign worker for four to six weeks for the upcoming campaign in Armidale, Tamworth and the Far North Coast.

If you can supply lodgings such as a spare holiday apartment, a granny flat or just a roof over their heads for one of our campaign workers then please contact Jack Mallick at Head Office on 02 9299 5811.

It might also be one of the best ways you can help, week in and week out, as we get closer to polling day and it should also be a lot of fun. You’ll be connected to the campaign in a unique way by providing the rest and energy our campaign workers need. It will be the small things like a friendly face, a bed and being able to put their clothes through the washing machine that will make a huge difference to the positivity and attitude of our field staff.

Knowing that members are willing to share their homes will mean a lot to our campaign workers and it will mean a lot to the Party and the campaign in your area as we can then allocate more of our campaign funds to producing more campaign material.

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