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Calling all Nats

It is more common than not to see the green and yellow Nationals’ tent at your local agricultural show. And typically the Young Nationals are there supporting their local MP or candidate, just like they did at the Armidale Show recently (as pictured). As we gear up for a Federal Election this year, we invite Young Nats and their friends to partake in Team2016 – the volunteer program with a difference.

To use the age-old cliché, young people are our future. And in today’s fast paced and information overloading society it’s important that we take time to encourage our regional youth to engage in the world around them, including politics and the governing bodies of our country. The more informed and knowledgeable our future regional leaders are, the brighter our future will be.

Introducing Team2016 – a program that will provide under 30s with new skills in campaigning techniques and technologies – skills that are transferable to a range of different careers. We rely heavily on willing volunteers to help out with campaign, whether in an electorate office or out on the trail, so we want to be able to equip our youngsters with the knowledge and guidance to make a real difference in their communities.

This year the NSW Nationals have developed a campaign program called Team 2016, which will upskill our team, connect like-minded people and ensure our team can be the best they can be. We encourage all our members both young and old to share this link to siblings, cousins, friends, grandchildren because we’re looking for a solid team to champion for The Nationals at the upcoming Federal Election.

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