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Andrew Gee's Calare catch up

It’s certainly been a busy start to the first half of 2017, with a number of key priorities for the Calare electorate well underway.

The push for the Murray Darling Medical School continues and just last week the Federal Government announced that one of three new University Departments of Rural Health will be based at the Orange Charles Sturt University (CSU) campus.

The announcement proves CSU’s capacity to train rural students for rural practice and if we can establish a department like this with CSU for allied health services, we should be able to do it for training doctors as well.

The time for the Murray Darling Medical School has well and truly come.

We know that the current system isn’t working. Less than 10% of medical graduates who train at city universities end up working in country Australia.

We need to try something new and CSU has the answer with the Murray Darling Medical School proposal. They only want 180 annual training places out of 3000 – it should be too much to ask.

Let’s give CSU a go and support the Murray Darling Medical School because that is the future of training doctors for the bush.

I won't be backing down!

Another priority for the Calare electorate is the crossing at Dixons Long Point between Orange and Mudgee. The costings for the crossing are now back and my next job is to get all three levels of Government together to discuss the options on the table.

During the last Federal election campaign the Liberals and Nationals committed $100,000 for a feasibility study, also matched by the NSW Government. 

It is one of the Holy Grail's of unfinished road projects in the Central West and communities have been pushing for a solution for almost 100 years. 

The crossing and the road to Dixons Long Point are the direct route between Orange and Mudgee, two great regional centres. At the moment, to get from Orange to Mudgee or Mudgee to Orange, it takes about two hours and 20 minutes, but if we could open up that road and implement a crossing across the Macquarie River, the travel time between these two great regional centres would be drastically reduced.

Andrew Gee MP
Member for Calare

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