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Bronnie's Southern Summary

In January, I was honoured to be asked to continue my work as Parliamentary for Southern NSW. Across Southern NSW we are lucky to have plenty of Nationals representation as well as Liberals in Goulburn, Wagga and Albury.

In my role, I have been working closely with these members to ensure we take a regional perspective on issues. I also work with local councils and other regionally focused organisations to hear their concerns and ideas, and ensure they are taken back to Macquarie Street.

I’m sure my reputation as the biggest fan of the Monaro is well and truly established by now. I love the people, towns and landscape and the extraordinarily resilient industries we support. My position as Parliamentary Secretary has given me the opportunity to spread that enthusiasm more widely across Southern NSW.

In January, I was proud to be appointed by our NSW Nationals Leader John Barilaro to serve as his Parliamentary Secretary back in January.

John and I already work closely together in the mighty Monaro, making sure he as our local member continues to grow his margin.

John is known across the electorate for his energy, commitment and genuineness. You couldn’t ask for a greater champion. Now country communities right across the state will benefit from having John fighting for them in cabinet, in his role as Minister for Regional NSW.

As Minister for Regional NSW, John has oversight of a broad range of government work, ensuring that the impact of issues on regional areas is always at the front and centre of decision making.

I have been honoured to represent John across NSW at a diverse range of events. From the Country Women’s Association (CWA) Conference to the launch of new industry developments, educational facilities and concepts that support regional start-ups.

As Parliamentary Secretary I am also tasked with leading pieces of legislation through the Legislative Council.

One particularly difficult piece that has caused a lot of concern amongst our communities and members is the legislation regarding Registered Nurses in Aged Care facilities. Unfortunately, politics has led to a lot of scare-mongering on this issue.

Of course, we support registered nurses in our aged care facilities. But not in this way.

The Legislation put forward by the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers mandating 24/7 Registered Nurse care across all aged care facilities in NSW would have been disastrous for our communities.

The Federal Government regulates aged care facilities and their accreditation process ensures that the staffing mix, including registered nurses, is monitored and is appropriate to meet the needs of residents.

Not only would the Shooters legislation add extra government interference and red-tape that no other state requires, it would put an impossible burden on our facilities.

Before 2011 one of the things regional communities struggled with was the one-size-fits-all approach implemented under the previous Labor Government. They didn’t understand that our communities are all unique and we need flexibility to make sure we get the best outcomes.

The Shooters bill would have meant any aged care facility required a registered nurse 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That includes facilities like hostels that have residents with low-care needs that can be met by a visiting nurse and on-call staff. It includes small facilities in small villages, which have scale issues but help our loved ones stay in their communities for as long as possible. People in our communities go into these facilities knowing the staff they provide, and because they are the best option for them, and these facilities exist because they have the flexibility to provide the care levels their residents require.

This is why the NSW Nationals did the right thing in blocking this legislation. It would have had bad outcomes, and despite the Shooters scare campaign, I am proud that we put our foot down for regional communities.

Two years in, I am so honoured to a member of the NSW Nationals State Parliamentary team. It is such a privilege to serve you all.

Hon Bronnie Taylor MLC
Parliamentary Secretary for the Deputy Premier and Southern NSW

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