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A hard, rough, uneven and water logged surface will be a thing of the past for the mighty Bungendore Tigers, Mudchooks and Palerang FC following an investment from the NSW Government into the Mick Sherd Oval.

Mr Barilaro said some games and training sessions had to be cancelled because it was unsafe for players, officials and spectators to participate and watch the game.

“We are consistently encouraging healthy lifestyles, which is why we are proud to support sporting groups like the mighty Bungendore Tigers, Mudchooks and Palerang FC with a $25, 000 investment for their future,” Mr Barilaro said.

“The dangerous condition of the oval made it extremely difficult and unsafe for the local community to use the facilities with a long list of repairs required, including top dressing, draining and fertilizer.

“We are delivering this investment to these local communities so they can get on with their daily lives and recreational activities.

“Local clubs do an outstanding job of promoting and growing the sport across the local community.

“We want to remove the cost and risk associated with run down infrastructure so local communities have the best chance to be active, participate and enjoy their local surrounds in a safe environment,” Mr Barilaro said.

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