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Did you know Melbourne wasn't originally Melbourne? Or that our very own John Barilaro is a champion spaghetti eater? 

For such a young country, Australia has a lot of history that is both fascinating and ripe for a round of trivia! 

Are you an expert on Australia? 

  1. What was Melbourne originally going to be called?

    a. St. Kilda
    b. Batmania

  2. What is longer: the Australian Dingo Fence or the Great Wall of China?

    a. Great Wall of China
    b. Australian Dingo Fence

  3. What do Glenelg (SA), Tumut (NSW) and Parap (NT) all have in common?

  4. Which political Party first claimed the color green in their branding?

    a. The National Party of Australia
    b. The Australian Greens

  5. What were the nickname/s that John McEwan was known as?

    a. Second hand Jack
    b. Black Jack
    c. Wild Jack

  6. Which of the following facts are true about Sir Earle Christmas Grafton Page the 11th prime minster of Australia?

    a. Sir Earle Page was one of the first Australians to own a car
    b. Founder of the Country Party
    c. Attended Sydney University to study medicine at 15 years old.

  7. Why did the televised 2010 Federal Election debate between Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott get rescheduled?

    a. One of the participants was sick
    b. Clashed with the finale of reality cooking show Masterchef
    c. Julia and Tony wouldn't agree to the time slot 

  8. How many years was John Barilaro the Spaghetti Eating Champion at the Italian Community Day Festival?

    a. 10 years
    b. 20 years
    c. 25 years

  9. How many countries in the world have black swans?

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