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Anderson Urges Community to get First Aid Training

Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson is urging the community to get trained in first-aid, reminding the community that early intervention in a medical emergency could mean the difference between life and death. 

Mr Anderson said anyone including parents, children, friends and colleagues could require medical assistance at any time and it’s important that you are armed with the skills to assist when needed.


“I am urging everyone to undergo basic first-aid training to better prepare our community for medical incidents and emergencies.


“First-aid can preserve life, prevent harm and promote recovery so it’s extremely important that you know what to do if someone around you requires medical assistance.


“When we see distressing statistics like there only being a 9 percent survival rate for cardiac arrest in Australia, or that nearly half of all deaths in children are caused by injury then the need to get first-aid skills becomes a shocking reality.”


“As a father of three I know how important first-aid is which why I have done the course is. I really enjoyed it, and learnt a lot as well.


Paramedic and first-aid instructor Warwick Mordue said “first-aid training can broaden people’s skills and promote confidence when dealing with medical emergencies.


“First-aid is more common sense based now. We want to help people have the confidence to use skills that they may already have as well as learn some new techniques that could help someone in a moment of need.”


Mr Anderson said there are many first-aid training providers in our area with courses being held regularly so there is no excuse for putting it off.


To find a training provider near you visit

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