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About The Nationals

The voice of regional NSW since 1919

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There's a lot going on around The Nationals and the easiest way to stay in touch is by registering your email address. We send weekly roundups of all our activity as well as special briefings for important events and policy announcements.

If you live in a regional area there’s a fair chance you already know a member of The Nationals. We have more than 150 branches across the state, and are the largest political organisation in regional New South Wales – which is appropriate, given we’re the only party dedicated exclusively to representing regional interests.

Our members aren’t drawn together by a defining ideology, but simply by a passion to ensure a fair deal for regional communities.

At a time when the other major parties are centralising their decision-making process and taking power out of the hands of local members and supporters, The Nationals are working to ensure that our party is open and accessible to all. Local members play an active role in policy development, in campaigning and in party governance.

We believe in openness, fair play and the decentralisation of power to our local communities, and our party processes reflect that.

We think that politics in Australia desperately needs to reconnect with the broader community, and that is why in 2010 we were the first party to open our preselection process to the general public with the Tamworth Community Preselection.

We’re not a party of big business, or of the trade unions. We’re a party of ordinary people working hard for their communities, and whether you’re a local activist or silent contributor, we welcome your support.