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A clear result for the NSW Nationals

In the week that followed the federal election there was a lot that wasn’t clear. Who would be Prime Minister? Would there be a hung parliament? What would happen in the dozen most marginal electorates?

But one thing was clear: it was the strength of The Nationals’ performance at this election that prevented Bill Shorten becoming Prime Minister.

The Nationals well and truly outperformed the Liberal Party and our independent challengers at this election. While Liberal Party losses are running in double digits, every Nationals MP in NSW was re-elected, both Nationals MPs in Victoria were re-elected, and the seat of Murray has been won by the Nationals from the Liberals. As the counts in Queensland come closer to being completed, it looks likely that all the Nationals MPs in the LNP will also be returned.

Our federal MPs, like those in my state team, are deeply connected to their communities and are tireless in fighting and delivering for them. At the election they got their reward.

This election was fought in very difficult circumstances, with a solid swing to the Labor Party and certain independents across NSW and Australia. To make matters even more challenging, there were local factors in every one of our electorates that added to task facing our MPs seeking re-election. Popular former MPs in New England, Page and Cowper, and big boundary changes in Parkes, Lyne and Riverina make the performance of our re-elected MPs all the more impressive. In Calare we successfully transitioned Andrew Gee from state to federal parliament.

These results are testament to the connections our MPs have with their communities, the state team’s support for our federal colleagues and the extraordinary dedication of our party members and hard-working volunteers across the state. The results also show that we cannot rest on our laurels, particularly given the re-emergence of One Nation, who will potentially have three Senators in large part because of their vote in regional areas. As the dust settles and the detailed analysis of this election get underway, we should all be proud of the part we have played in the Nationals team.

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