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Billions of dollars will flow into regional NSW under our first Baird-Grant budget. As we embark on a record rebuilding spend of $13.1 billion state-wide on key major projects, the strength of regional NSW's workforce has never been more critical. The economic ripple means even Sydney-based projects will be built with regional resources - and our communities will enjoy the benefits of this hard work.

Our regional workforce, suppliers, local businesses, surveyors, freight and heavy industries will get the benefits of construction in this constantly buzzing State. As an example, our Pacific Highway upgrade will need more than 16,000 people working directly and indirectly at the peak of construction in 2017. Billions of dollars are flowing into regional communities, both in brick and mortar and the pockets of regional NSW, granting our regions opportunity - which is the one thing we cannot put a price on.

Our regions are a clear winner in the 2015-16 budget with a record $4.4 billion on major projects bringing first-class health, education and emergency services including redevelopments or major upgrades of six fire stations, seven regional police stations, seven regional hospitals and numerous schools.

A record $4.1 billion will be invested in regional roads, maritime and freight in the upcoming financial year with regional roads targeted with $453 million of programs to fix congestion, ease pinch points and boost productivity. There is another $6 billion to follow for regional infrastructure from the lease of poles and wires on top of this.

I'm pleased to bring this record haul home to the regions, and there's much more planned in coming budgets as we continue to deliver on our election commitments over the next term.

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