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$4.25m to Upgrade Kidman Way South of Cobar

Minister for Roads and Freight Duncan Gay and Minister for Western NSW and Barwon MP Kevin Humphries have announced $4.25 million to upgrade Kidman Way south of Cobar.

Minister Gay said $4.25 million would be released from the $50 million Western NSW Freight Productivity Program, which was announced in the 2014-15 State Budget, to help upgrade 25 kilometres of road shoulders south of Cobar.

“As part of national and state freight productivity reforms, B-triples now run on select highways west of the Newell – including Kidman Way – making it important this road has the best bitumen surface available.”

Minister Humphries said the $4.25 million investment was yet another boost for major highways in far western NSW, coming off the back of yesterday’s announcement of an extra $40 million to upgrade and seal large sections of the Silver City and Cobb highways.

“Cobar Shire Council and regional truck companies made a compelling case to improve the shoulders of Kidman Way south of Cobar, and Duncan and I were happy to deliver,” he said.

The Kidman Way is a vital road freight route linking the Riverina of southern NSW to Bourke and beyond to Central Queensland, thereby acting as a highway for the efficient transport of livestock originating from these regions.

“Kidman Way is to far western NSW, like the Newell Highway is to the central west of NSW – it is the transport and road freight backbone of the region,” Mr Humphries said.

“Within a 65 kilometre stretch of Kidman Way from Cobar to Priory Tank Road – a road that leads to Nymagee – there are 25 kilometres where road shoulders need to be widened.

“This shoulder-widening work will begin in earnest this year,” Minister Humphries said.

“Since coming to office in 2011, the NSW Liberals and Nationals Government has invested an historic $15.4 billion to build and repair roads and bridges in rural and regional NSW.

“This equates to $3.85 billion each year – a 59 per cent increase in average annual funding compared to past Labor governments.

“Significantly, under our government, 60 per cent of all roads and freight infrastructure funding for the state flows to country NSW – allowing us to invest historic levels of funding in regional highways such the Newell, Cobb, Silver City and Kidman Way.”

“Today is yet another great day for the highways of far western NSW.”

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