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$45 million Business Skills Program - Building for the future of farming in NSW

Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair has launched the NSW Government’s $45 million Farm Business Skills Professional Development Program.

From today, service providers and primary producers can apply to participate in vocational training and farm business planning, with a maximum of $5000 per farmer, and $9000 per farm business, claimable over the next five years.


The $45 million program is a core component of the NSW Government’s $300 million NSW Drought Strategy.


“We are working hand-in-hand with our farmers to help them manage risks, like drought, and to drive continued growth in this critical $12 billion industry,” Mr Blair said.


“This $45 million program provides farmers with the funding they need to upskill and develop farm business plans, as part of this government’s five-year strategy to help the sector be better prepared and better able to manage risks.”


Three priority areas have been identified for providers, which include risk management; financial and business management; and farm business planning/drought preparedness.


This funding can also be used for the preparation and planning that is required to apply to service providers for multi-peril insurance.


Service providers are encouraged to apply to the Rural Assistance Authority (RAA), with a list of courses to be placed on the RAA website in coming weeks.


Separate to the pre-approved courses, from today primary producers are also able to apply to the RAA for approval for other vocational training or farm business planning service providers that meet their needs and are within the guidelines for the program.


Farmers are able to register immediately with the RAA and they will be advised of the programs once they have been registered.


The program guidelines have been developed through extensive consultation with NSW Farmers’, Local Land Services, the Rural Assistance Authority and the Department of Primary Industries.


For more information or to apply, visit www.raa.nsw.gov.au.

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