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Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli announced has announced that a re-elected Baird Government will spend $148 million to upgrade nearly 60 secondary schools and improve teaching and learning across the State.

“All children, no matter what school they attend, deserve a great education in a well-equipped school with up-to-date facilities,” Mr Piccoli said.

“Across the State the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government will invest to enhance the appearance of schools and improve the learning experience for public secondary students.

“We know that a school’s appearance is important in how it is perceived by the community. This funding will go a long way to upgrading those schools that need it most.

“The upgrades will improve the schools’ amenity, enhance learning spaces and how they present to their local community.”

The NSW Liberals & Nationals Government will also invest $1 billion to provide up to 1,600 new or refurbished classrooms and learning spaces across NSW.

Four new schools — two at Parramatta, a new high school for the inner city and another in Ballina — will be built at a cost of more than $200 million as part of its Innovative Education, Successful Students package.

To match the investment in improved facilities, schools will receive additional support to improve teaching practices and create better engagement with parents and students.

“We are rethinking how schools work, how teachers teach and how students will learn in the future,” Mr Piccoli said.

“We have been working with world-leading educators, designers and architects to create the classrooms of the future, which we will build across NSW if we are re-elected.

“These new schools, and other investments we are making, will allow a stronger focus on innovative uses of technology and the creation of flexible learning spaces in our schools.”

Mr Piccoli said parents are the backbone of any school community and students achieve their best when they have an engaged and active parent body.

“The funding will also enable secondary schools to provide more opportunities for parental engagement,” he said. 

Mr Piccoli said this further investment in teaching and parental engagement will build on the NSW Government’s education reforms, including Great Teaching, Inspired Learning and Local Schools, Local Decisions.

“In our first four years in office we have committed $155 million to increasing quality teaching in schools across the State, including mentoring for beginning teachers,” Mr Piccoli said.

“Last week we announced that up to 320 school teachers would be retrained as specialists in maths and science to improve the quality of teaching and student results in these critical areas.

“NSW was the first State to sign up to the Gonski reforms, an agreement which directs $5 billion to schools in NSW to support quality teaching and learning in classrooms across the State.”

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